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24 November 2014 @ 01:29 pm
Title: to memory now I can't recall
Author: etharei
Artist: rid_ney (superhumandisasters)
Rating: E
Pairings: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, War and related themes, Injuries
Summary: While on a mission storming a HYDRA facility, James Buchanan Barnes touches one of the many strange alien devices collected by the Red Skull. He does this, in fact, twice- in the past, and in the future.

Next thing he knows, Bucky Barnes is opening his eyes in the 21st century, which is full of strange fashions and things that go beep and aliens from outer space, but at least includes his old pal Steve. (And, inexplicably, one Stark.) Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier finds himself in the middle of World War Two, helping Captain America hunt down HYDRA (which is at least familiar), pretending to be Bucky Barnes (which is not), and figuring out the very noisy group of soldiers who call themselves the Howling Commandos.

Link to Fic: [on AO3]
Link to Art: link to come!
21 November 2014 @ 10:06 pm
Title: Penguins in New York making nests
Author: Songstone
Artist: lamoneta
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Steve rogers/Bucky barnes
Warnings: None


Bucky's life has changed a lot in the eight years that he's spent away from Brooklyn. In Russia he had found love and lived a happy life, until tragedy stole his wife from him. Now, with a three-year-old daughter to care for on his own, Bucky makes the decision to get back to his roots in the hopes of building a better future for his child.

Our story finds him adjusting to his life in Brooklyn. Life seems to be going well - until it gets better. Steve Rogers re-entering Bucky's life is just the right kind of surprise. There is a new found attraction between the two that is near-immediate, and the possibility of a happy relationship is there. Bucky isn't about to ignore it, especially when Steve makes it known that he very much adores Bucky's ballet dancing, penguin-obsessed , daughter and wants to include her in his life as well.

However, feeling abandoned after Bucky took Vanya to the US, Aleksander Lukin - Vanya's Grandfather - wants her back in Russia and will stop at nothing to see her 'home' again. In the midst of an international custody battle that holds the possibility of beginning another World War, Bucky needs to keep his wits about him and keep his family together.

Story: AO3
Art: Tumblr
21 November 2014 @ 09:30 pm
title: the ties that bind
author: wherecourageisfound
artist: imyourfriendyouremymission
rating: nc-17
pairings: steve rogers/bucky barnes
warnings: sex, canon-typical violence

summary: Bucky has had many birthdays, but, in the end, the days don’t really matter to him anymore (as long as he always gets to count the moments with Steve).

Link to Fic: AO3

Link to Art: Coming Soon!
20 November 2014 @ 10:50 am

Title: Angels with Dirty Faces
Author: tinzelda
Artist: notallbees
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Bucky/Steve, Bucky/OFC, Bucky/OMC
Warnings: canon character death (see summary)

“I wish I had a million dollars,” Steve said. “You could sleep for a week, and then we’ll go on a trip somewhere.”

“A million dollars? That’s one heck of a trip.”

“Okay, smart guy, what would you do if you had that kind of money?”

When Steve’s mother is diagnosed with tuberculosis, Bucky makes it his mission to take care of him after she’s gone. They both scrape to make ends meet in the wake of her death, but Bucky always makes sure he scrapes just a little harder. That’s what good friends do.

Link to Fic: AO3
Link to Art: tumblr
20 November 2014 @ 06:10 am
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Title:Enemies Foreign and Domestic
Author: romanticalgirl
Artist: johanirae
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Steve/Bucky, Natasha/Sam
Warnings: Canon level violence, alternative universe

Summary: Steve Rogers gets pulled out of the war zone to babysit the president's son, who just happens to be someone he knew a long time ago.

Link to Fic: At AO3
Link to Art: At AO3
19 November 2014 @ 04:55 pm
Title: band on the run!
Author: ilovetakahana / ninemoons42
Artist: Not All Bees
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Pairings: Build-up to Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes. Secondary / mentioned pairings include Thor Odinson/Jane Foster, Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov
Warnings: foul language, weird musical juxtapositions, far too much snarking, and covers of Bastille singles

Summary: Bucky Barnes leads the viral sensation rock group De Corday to Kings University to shoot a pair of music videos. On the way, he finds a cover of one of their singles, performed on solo violin by Steve Rogers, and he maybe falls a little bit in love on the spot.

Then they get to Kings and the leader of the chamber orchestra that's going to play with De Corday IS Steve Rogers. Duets, emotions, unexpected news, and a passel of De Corday-themed teddy bears ensue.

Link to Fic: AO3
Link to Art: TUMBLR
Link to Playlist: 8TRACKS
18 November 2014 @ 09:23 pm
Title: On The Other Side of a Downward Spiral
Author: torakowalski
Artist: Meekobits
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Steve/Bucky (background Clint/Phil, Tony/Pepper, Thor/Jane)
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, PTSD. Multiple incidents of (potential) child endangerment, but no actual harm.

Summary: Bucky Barnes is barely functioning, let alone living, but when the Avengers find an abandoned baby girl, Bucky has to learn to look after himself, and keep the baby out of Hydra's hands. All while trying to work out exactly what kind of relationship he and Steve want from each other.

Link to Fic
Link to Art
18 November 2014 @ 10:20 am
Title: This Must be the Place
Author: hollycomb
Artist: digitalwave
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Steve/Bucky
Warnings: Implied past non-con, PTSD

Summary: When Bucky reemerges, he is adamant that James Buchanan Barnes is dead and that the shell of the Winter Soldier will soon expire according to Hydra's design. Steve is not willing to accept this, or the fact that Bucky seems to want it to be true.

Link to Fic: AO3
Link to Art: AO3, LJ
17 November 2014 @ 08:02 pm
Title: Kaleidoscope
Author: shadesofblurple and lemonadesomeday
Artist: fantalaimon
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sam/Steve/Bucky/Nat and Nat/Clint
Warnings: minor discussions of PTSD

Summary: Once Steve is out of the hospital, he, Sam, and Nat need to find their boys; Bucky is in the wind, and Clint was out of the country when SHIELD fell and probably needs to be rescued. Bucky turns up, and then Natasha with Clint and Lucky in tow, and suddenly Sam Wilson has an apartment full of superheroes, plus a dog.

Link to Fic: AO3
Link to Art: (pending)